How To Send Money


How To Send Money

NBL Money Transfer Pte Ltd Singapore helps our customer to take action for best strategy since it’s important for a company.If you find better idea it’s important for a company to take actions immediate otherwise companies growth will limited.

Proof of Identification for Registration

Sending money to any destination NBL complete the following formalities by complying all regulatory requirements for its remitter. At the time of registration the following documents must be produced to proof the identification:

* Passport copy of Foreigner
* Driving License
* Cheque /Bank Transaction Receipt or
* Debit voucher if required.

CDD Checlkist By MAS

Beside this NBL complies all the Rules and Regulation provided by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) time to time. Completing Customer Due Diligence (CDD) NBL required the following information during transaction:

* Full name
* NRIC/passport number
* Permanent and mailing address
* Contact number
* Date of birth and Nationality.

Requirements for NBL's Receiver

For complete the CDD of receiver NBL required the following information:

* Full name of the receiver as per ID card (Passport, National ID card, Driving License, Birth Certificate and other valid photo ID)
* Relation with ultimate sender
* Nationality
* Permanent and mailing address
* Contact number.

Additional Information for Account Credit:

* Full name of the receiver as provided in bank account
* Account number
* Bank Name & Branch Name

Straight 2 Bank Access:

NBL offers its 'Straight 2 Bank' access to its clients for sending remittance. Straight 2 Bank is a form of i-Banking provided by NBL Money Transfer Pte Ltd where remitters need not to be physically present to any of its outlets. We accept transactions capped at SGD 5000/- and less. If the amount is more than SGD 5,000 then the customer needs to come to any of our branches for signing Declaration Form.